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Do you want your colleagues and stakeholders to know your company about a topic you already know or you are exploring?
Do you want to explain the reasons of your choices?
An expert in communication - and in the specific field you need - will help you to positionate your message

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In a few days you’ll receive your customised position paper

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes


  • A document of positioning message
  • Questions and answers to make your position clear
  • In-depth notes on critical issues related to the theme and how to face them


  • Briefing with an expert of strategic communication
  • Produced by experts in public speaking and crisis management
  • Possibility to ask for further information


  • Environment, energy, sustainability
  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance and insure tech
  • Fashion and manufacturing sector
  • Tourism and transportation
  • Connectivity, Iot and automation
  • Companies and Industry 4.0
  • Communication and digital transformation
  • Society and demographics
  • Food, agriculture and fisheries industries
  • Healthcare
  • Institutions and politics

From the content of your research you can also ask for


Writing of a speech






Position Paper



Briefing + position paper textual delivered within 5 working days

  • Briefing with an expert and drawing up
  • 1 review included

Position Paper
+ Speech



Briefing + position paper textual and speech delivered within 5 working days

  • Briefing with an expert and drawing up
  • A choice of speech or editorial
  • 1 review included

Position Paper
+ Infographics



Briefing + position paper textual and speech delivered within 7 working days

  • Briefing with an expert and drawing up
  • Infographic
  • 1 review included
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We cooperate with a network of opinion leaders, industry insiders, public affairs specialists, journalists, university professors, national and international influencers who make available their specific and sectorial knowledge developed over years of activity in different fields, in order to allow professionals, researchers and content manager to have an in-depth overview of a specific theme and then to use their messages properly.

Who is in charge of writing a position paper?

Once your order has been completed, you will be contacted by an expert to talk about your request: you can share more info to let us work following your specific guidelines and needs.
The paper will be written with the support of experts in public speaking and strategic communication, with experience in the pre-crisis communication.
Our strategic communication experts collaborate with insiders and advisor from different fields, universities and research, consultancy companies, generalist and investigative press, institutions, with certified CVs

What should I expect?

You will get a position paper which contains the positioning of your message tailored on your company/unit Our experts are in charge of double-checking data and evidence given by the client in order to support a thesis, build a solid and reliable position, together with the sources reference used which are helpful to make our client aware of any aspects of the theme and its context.
More editors can work together on the same project in order to guarantee a multidisciplinary approach.
The topics could have a national and international relevance and the data used come from public sources.
If requested, the texts are translated into English. We employ professional translators.
The paper is provided in a PDF format and the information can be shared and re-used by our clients as required.

What are the guarantees for confidentiality?

You can share the goals of your project in order to help us better understand your request for research, the released information are treated according to the current privacy regulations and terms of service. Alternatively to get a professional and in-depth paper you can just explain what is strictly necessary.
Either way you will receive a professional and complete paper.
In order to ensure the linearity and the neutrality of service and the confidentiality of information of sensitive data, the profile of our client/organization will not be provided to the editors and vice versa.

Should I share internal materials to write the report?

During the call with the expert you can decide together if it's ok to share materials to define properly the field of work and the type of report.
All the material shared will be protected according to the current privacy regulations. You could also ask us to sign an NDA.

Who uses this service?

This service is for professionals, company responsibles, sales managers, research institutes, universities, associations, institutions and all those want to be sure of the reliability of the sources and data update.
Each whitepaper is also available in English to share info with foreign professionals and companies that want to get an overview of Italy and then invest in our Country.

How to pay the service?

You will receive an email containing your order confirmation, the instructions to pay and the relevant invoice.
For any clarification or request, you can send an email to our finance dept.: invoice@makeaplan.io

What happens if I need changes or I am not satisfied with the result?

Each offer includes a content review according to the client requests.If you are not 100% satisfied with the result we will refund the full amount.